Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Random Pictures

Bri's Football ceremony - Congratulations on another great football season.  "Killer Miller"!

The annual Miller Thanksgiving Day Fun Run!  The Miles Family, Mandy and Michael and Mike and Cathy came this year.  Fun times, followed by medals and Sausage Biscuits from Bojangles.  Lizzy was feeling sick - didn't help that at the end of the run she fell backwards off a small fence into the forest and pine needles.  So many tears.

Papa Burl has come to visit.  Loves his little Carleigh

Taking one of the first pictures on dad's new I-phone!

During Carpet selections, we met a a friendly dog at the carpet store.  Carleigh likes to try to ride all dogs that are bigger than her.

Don't know when this was taken, but got a nice picture of a beautiful smile of a very SWEET little girl. MIss snuggle herself

Grandad's 60th Birthday this year - all the little kids were asked to write what they liked best about Grandad.  Carleigh chose singing.  She must love to sing with Grandad.

A rare sunny and warm day in the winter - Lazy dog

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