Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Almost Pushing

5 is nice, but 6 is better

Mom has been here for a week and very graciously extended her ticket for several days to stay for the baby.  Robin convinced the doctor to induce her today, so we are at the hospital and Robin is on the drips with contractions every 10 minutes or so.  No progression in the last 10 days since the false alarm.  

The kids were so excited last night that I don't think Bri slept all night.  He told us that he was up all night with a hot sweaty face because he was thinking about the baby coming.  I couldn't sleep because Robin was coughing and kicking the bed.  Hopefully little Carleigh comes today.


Proud Momma said...

what is Mom doing in that picture? Is she pushing? Robin you look ridiculous at 9 months prego! Congrats!

The Adamson Trio said...

Congrats on Baby Carleigh! I can't wait to see pictures of her.