Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well Bri had his last soccer game last night. He did great, he scored 2 of the 3 goals his team made. He has been playing since the beginning of March and this is the first game I actually took the camera too. Caty-lynne's last game is on Sat. and I have no pictures of her either but I will take some on Sat. She is the all star of the team, she has been making between 5- 8 goals a game and is doing great. She always brags to Bri about how many more goals she makes so then I have to remind Bri that he has a goalie and Caty-lynne does not. Anyway they both had a great season and are very aggressive on the soccer field, which is great. They will both start back up in the fall. Bri is looking forward to starting flag football in the fall as well. That should be fun to watch!


The RC Miller Clan said...

yeah, sounds like me...I always forget my camera when I go to things like that...It makes me feel like I'm not "as good" as all the other moms cause I'm not capturing it on film...or on microchip!

Nana said...

The "no goaly" rule would definitely make a difference. Cute pics !! Looks like he is really hustling. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Tyler said...


How are things my friend? Big news here in Calgary.....i'm getting married June 2nd, 2007 to Marilyn Neufeld.

She's a general surgery resident here in Calgary going into PGY3 this summer. I'm working as a sales rep now for Fisher Scientific in Calgary as well.

We just bought a house near Peter's drive in and are looking forward to settling in.

Give me a ring sometime soon.....I seem to have lost your phone number. 403-390-4479

How are things in NC?