Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Family Pictures

We went and got our family picture taken and thought we would share it with everyone.
It is really hard to get three kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time. So this is as good as it gets.


The Haslam Clan said... guys look great! Nice on the smiling...Lizzy was the only grumpster! ha ha

I can't wait to get our done at the end of the month! I won't look half as good as you though Rob! looking hot!
Love Libs

Nana said...

what a beautiful family!!I like your hair turly Robin. The kids look adorable. Can't wait to see you guys.

J B & N Rawlins said...

OHHH i love it.. YOur hair does look really cute and the girls dresses look SOOOOOO GOOD..again crossing my fingers that we have a girl so i can get em~
by the way, brian your facial hair was so cute!

The Haslam Clan said...

okay people...where is the new blog! I know there is something goin on down there in NC